Leonard Peltier- November Day of Mourning Statement

Jeff Nguyen:

When Leonard Peltier speaks, we all should listen.

Originally posted on Moorbey'z Blog:

Greetings my relatives friends and supporters
It is yet another year. It seems like a thousand years ago but only a year in time in reality from the last time I dictated one of these statement for the day of mourning so, again, I want to say as last time, that I am honored that you would want to hear my words.

Sometimes when I lay on my bunk and I am between sleeping and awake, for a small moment of time, I am free and I am there with you. I know this sounds kind of melodramatic and I am not trying to be so, but things affect you differently inside of here and things affect you differently as you get older. But I want to say with all my strength, some things don't change, at least not for me. When I think about all we have lost to…

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3 Responses to Leonard Peltier- November Day of Mourning Statement

  1. brucethomasw says:

    Thanks for reblogging this, Jeff. This day I’m truly thankful for Leonard, and the spirit and example he gives us all in resistance to injustice . . . In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, to borrow from Peter Mathiesen. If I was to name my personal heroes, Leonard Peltier would be on the short list for certain. Peace, best regards, and good will to all . . .

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  2. MF says:

    We would like to write to him, but we’re unsure of the address. Do you know? Thanks! This is the Page where we have him: http://plansnwhatwedid.wordpress.com/in-solidarity/

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