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Force Be Damned

by Peter Schreiner

“How I wish I could surrender my soul; Shed the clothes that become my skin; See the liar that burns within my needing.” Tears and Rain – James Blunt

Some of the planet’s smartest, caring, and aware people write the blogs I read and follow, and so it is that they have shown and taught me a thing or two, quite a many thing or two. But that’s how things should be, learning from each other. —Where else are we supposed to go? We have a platform that present us—for the time being—an opportunity to share ourselves freely and openly. The things we offer, the things we gather, are things too often unpleasant. And we expose these things; some do at a personal risk.

Armed with awareness and the light of knowledge we hope to do our part in shaping the world to the better, the better of all. And when I say all, I don’t mean the watered-down version of all; I mean all.

Theirry and the gorilla: WeAnimals.org – Jo-Anne McArthur

(Photo credit: Theirry and the gorilla: WeAnimals.org – Jo-Anne McArthur)

We’re not looking for fame, power, or riches. Although the proper application of these things might further our goals, it is not who we are. Our aspirations are for the explosion of truth, justice, peace, and the release from oppression and slavery. In this our lofty goal we are The Vanguard of Noble Endeavor, with mission we cannot turn our backs on. I say vanguard because in spite of our persistence and our unwavering dedication I don’t see us making any radical world changing progress during our short time on earth, nor with any of the near to follow generations, perhaps for that matter in this whole epoch of Homo sapiens sapiens.

I dislike coming across as negative and I don’t mean to diminish our vigor, but I believe there is only little we are capable of, little ground we can realistically hope to gain. But rather than letting that discouraging sentiment give rise to acquiescence it should, I hope, stir you to dogged defiance. For just at that moment when all seems lost, our efforts futile, should we reach deep into our fiber our spirits and rise up with all we have we will at least know there was no more we could have done; and who knows what may follow from that in years to come.

The point of this letter is simply that I would like to share with you my perspective—suspiciously unpopular and wildly controversial, I hold it as truth. You decide.

Something holds us back. That should be obvious. By this time in our existence, we should have reached a near utopian plateau. But we haven’t, we’re nowhere close. In fact, I’d say we’re moving in the opposite direction. We have the whole of history to reflect and to have learnt. Yet what have we learnt?

There is a controlling force. Be it the momentum of eons, the gods, aliens (I’m serious, stop snickering), the elite, the government, our culture and traditions, religions, ourselves, or more than likely a poisonous combination of these ingredients. I don’t know exactly what, but whatever it is it is real and really powerful—existing beyond our imaginations—something that keeps us inebriated with trivialities—think sports, porn, television, electronics, booze, drugs, anything to keep us unaware and distracted. And worse than that, it keeps us at odds with one another, and it does it most expertly. This force pays lip service to harmony while it enlivens our fear, hate, lust, racism, prejudice, supremacy, and here’s the real kicker, speciesism.

Hence forth, I’ll simply call this force, Force.

Force holds sway and dominance over most of us by appeasing and nurturing our selfish and violent genes. We’ve all fallen captive to Force early in life and whilst only a few have loosened their shackles, we remain chained. Force has captured kings, priests, and politicians; rich, poor, and the fading middle classes; simpletons and intellectuals; the philosopher and the apathetic alike; the sympathetic and the hardened, all enchanted by its beauty and charm; its sweet and addictive enticements and promises.

And so, we carry on as we have always done.

Force satisfies us. Our greed, comfort, and security, but most of all the satisfaction of our palate while compromising our compassion. Our whole history of existence continues to focus on food and drink—it’s the constant; lunch in our day-to-day slavish grind, our celebrations and holidays, our gatherings, the little rewards we like to afford ourselves. And after all, why not, food and drink is what keeps us alive and nourished. We give thanks to the gods, the earth, the sun, the moon, the rain, the farmers, the neighbors, and even to ourselves for its life-giving pleasure.

We should enjoy it and be grateful for it.

(Photo credit: The Australian bull: AnimalsAustralia.org)

(Photo credit: The Australian bull: AnimalsAustralia.org)

But should we kill for it?

And, if we choose to kill, what effect has that on our psyche, our disposition?

Has our genome advanced or degraded to point where we can kill without compulsion or consequence to ourselves, our spiritual entity?

I believe not.

In whichever direction our DNA has taken us we still have compassion, somewhere locked within. And therein lie the key.

Force understands this; threatened by it.

Compassion is its Achilles heel.

Force knows that if it can keep us so ruthless as to confine, torture, abuse, and kill the least helpless of creatures among us, we’ll have no limits to the atrocities we lend ourselves to, for we are a myopic species that tends to extremes. Not to mention the contamination of our spirit, our love, and the distortion of our perception that bloodshed and violence imparts to us, whether we give it, received it, or simply condone it—and not just from the violence itself but from the ingesting and absorption of traumatized flesh into our systems.

Thus, I am vegan anarchist.

I offer Force no allegiance.

Force be damned!

And again damned!

I have chosen to honor the dignity of all sentient life on earth, all to be free of enslavement, fear, and oppression. It doesn’t matter if they be human or animal—suffering and oppression are the same to the victim. The struggles of all the oppressed are my struggles, their pain is mine, their freedom or servitude is mine. And in this, I stand with them against Force. And Force be damned!


Peter Schreiner can be found at his outstanding blog: Crows Head Soup – A Vegan Stew. This work is part of the Mic check guest blogger series.

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Jeffster Awards #30

(Photo credit: skulzstudios)

(Photo credit: skulzstudios)

This is the next installment of an ongoing series at Deconstructing Myths…the Jeffster Awards! This award will be given on an ongoing basis to five outstanding blog posts that caught my wandering eye. There are no strings attached or requirements for reciprocation. I don’t have time to comment on other blogs as much I’d like to so the least I can do is direct readers to some of these outstanding writers, poets, and visual artists. Please direct all feedback (likes, comments, follows) to the blogs themselves. I hope you enjoy these exemplary posts as much as I did. So, without further ado, here are the recipients of this week’s Jeffster Awards…hot off the (Word)presses.

The Overwhelming Present: On Having Too Much To Write About at Decolonize Chris!

‘Unconventional’ Life (educational) Paths at Think Pot

Existence is Resistance at Daniel Ibn Zayd

Take a Walk with Me at Sylvia Fitzgerald

Is Leonard Peltier a Dangerous Man? at Under the Pecan Leaves


Peace and solidarity to all readers.

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The occupation will not be televised

Jeff Nguyen:

It was only last summer that emergency management officials shut off the power during a heatwave just because they could. This is an act of war akin to Israel’s cutting off water supplies in the occupied territories which is a good description for Detroit, an occupied territory run by unelected officials subservient to the bankers and corporate shot callers.  The residents of Detroit know all too well that wars can be waged without firing a single shot.

A scrapbook of the damage done: Detroit in ruins: the photographs of Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog:

This video from the USA says about itself:

Water is a Human Right: Detroit Residents Seek U.N. Intervention as City Shuts Off Taps to Thousands

24 June 2014

Activists in Detroit have appealed to the United Nations over the city’s move to shut off the water of thousands of residents. The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department says half of its 323,000 accounts are delinquent and has begun turning off the taps of those who do not pay bills that total above $150 or that are 60 days late. Since March, up to 3,000 account holders have had their water cut off every week.

The Detroit water authority carries an estimated $5 billion in debt and has been the subject of privatization talks. In a submission to the United Nations special rapporteur on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation, activists say Detroit is trying to push through a…

View original 603 more words

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Mic check: Tubularsock


by Tubularsock

Tube CIA SECRETS heading


Have you ever been in a situation where you turn on the kitchen lights in the middle of the night to retrieve a glass of water and the floor is alive with a flurry of rapidly moving cockroaches?

Have you ever wondered where those cockroaches “hang out” during the day?

THINK TANKS, that is where they hang out.

Yep, that’s where.

And how does Tubularsock know?

Elementary, Dr Watson ……….. observation and deduction, observation and deduction.


The first sign that we are in trouble is that the hopefully dead come alive.

America turns on the TV and the living dead himself, Dick Cheney and his mummified wife, Lynn are sitting side by side pontificating on how the Bush Administration had handed Iraq over to Obama at the peak of success after that surge and all.

And just how Obama had dropped the ball and BECAUSE of that turned Iraq’s “freedom” into a Civil War not a war of liberation and democracy.

Fun side note: Tubularsock contacted Monsanto to see if they had any kind of a deadly poisonous, venomous, toxic, noxious, fatal, lethal, mortal-death-dealing spray that would kill an un-dead-Cheney and his mummified wife, Lynn.

Sorry to say, EVEN Monsanto hasn’t developed something that powerful but their GMO soybeans are very close.

The interesting thing about un-dead Dick and his mummified wife, Lynn is that they live in an alternate reality and Dick is so convinced that his alternate reality is “real” that he conveys that reality onto people who are easily deceived.



Now this all works because most people will follow an un-dead Cheney rather than look at the facts.

AND THE SAME FACTS EXIST TODAY AS THEY DID WHEN BUSH AND THE BOYS AND THAT TROLLOP CONDOLEEZZA RICE all disregarded the reality that was Iraq for some mis-calculated obsessive Dungeon and Dragon game.

Condi jest


Now, Tubularsock will make it simple for you …………

Remember when we “shocked and awed” Iraq and in the middle of all that mess George-the-Dumber finally figured out that Iraq was comprised of Sunnis and Shiites and Kurds.

George-the-Dumber was not all that swift on foreign policy remember and was the type of American that thinks Africa is a country!

That being said everyone knew AT THE TIME that there were plans in the works to attack Iraq even before the 9/11 “attack”. That information was available and discussed on the edges of political circles. Even Tubularsock knew and discussed it in the newsletter he was writing at the time and let me assure you that despite the photographic evidence to the contrary ……… Tubularsock is no “insider”!

Now remember, Saddam Who’s-sane(?) was a brutal dictator that the U.S. created and supported. It was the U.S. (The Reagan Administration) that provided the chemical weapons to him that he used on the Kurds.

Saddam held Iraq together by being so fucking brutal that the TRADITIONAL HATRED between the Sunnis and Shiites was overshadowed by that strong-arm brutality. That is what kept Iraq as a country. Saddam was in truth a secularist actually. He believed that the State was more important than Islam per se. However, he was considered to be a Sunni Muslim since he came from a Sunni family. You just can’t get away from your family no matter how brutal you are! Think of that next time you visit your mother!

And then Bush and the boys and that trollop Condoleezza Rice decided to attack Iraq and as we all know …….. when you break Humpty-Dumpty, “all the kings horses and all the kings men” can’t put him back together again.

So trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lost lives later and we are back once again with the same cockroaches that lied us into this mess blabbing away on how to fix Humpty-Dumpty and blaming everyone else for their gigantic failure.

What we have discovered is that we were not greeted as “liberators” as Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and Vice President Cheney said we would be.

It took longer than six months as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had projected.

And there were no WMD’s and no connection between Saddam and the 9/11 “attack”.

But all of that was KNOWN in March 2003 …….. how?

Elementary, Dr. Watson ……….. observation and deduction, observation and deduction.

But you know all of this yourself and if you didn’t ……. now you do but Tubularsock has led you here for a reason and that reason is for some information that you may not know.

Or at least not remember.

Who is backing all this terrorism? Oh sure, the CIA is playing two sides against the middle as usual but there are other players in the Middle Eastern sand box and a great deal of funding to support this conglomerate of terrorists groups come from none-other than our so called Middle Eastern allies, and the “ financial contributions” are funneled through the banking system in Kuwait.

According to Andrew Tabler, senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (a think tank): “Kuwait’s banking system and its money changers have long been a huge problem because they are a major conduit for money to extremist groups in Syria and now Iraq.” (Not like the U.S. CIA hasn’t.)

And from The Brookings Institute (another think tank) study of December, 2013: “Over the last two and a half years, Kuwait has emerged as a financing and organizational hub for charities and individuals supporting Syria’s myriad rebel groups.” (Not like the U.S. CIA hasn’t.)

By using Kuwait’s weak financial rules hundreds of millions of dollars have moved through that country from Arab Gulf countries’ donors traveling through Turkey or Jordan to reach a variety of terrorist groups in Syria. (Not like the U.S. CIA hasn’t.)

Now Tubularsock is talking here about Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. For years wealthy donors from those countries have funded The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Tube Parade


But Tubularsock will focus on Saudi Arabia because it is there that the bucks were “invested” that helped to create this entire 9/11 episode. And a major focal point is the Saudi Royal Family. But remember the Saudi’s were not alone!


Do you remember this documented evidence? The Saudi Ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin Sultan and his wife “donated” $130,000.00 which found its way to help fund Mohamed Atta. Atta was the lead 9/11 terrorist, who crashed the hijacked plane he piloted into the North Tower.




The Bush family was so close to Bandar that Bush-the-Dumber nicked-named him “Bandar Bush”.

Prince Bandar and President Bush reportedly smoked cigars on the White House balcony while the two men talked about the attacks that occurred just two days before.

AND two days after that was when the Saudis were flown out of the U.S..

You may recall that four days after the planes hit the World Trade Towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. the FAA closed down all air space within the United States yet the Bush Administration allowed private jetliners to fly about and pick up Saudis and fly them out of the country. WITHOUT the FBI or anyone else asking any questions.

And one of the jetliners was leased by none-other than our Arch-Enemy Osama bin Laden himself! But NO QUESTIONS WERE ASKED!

You, as an American citizen could not fly to see your ailing grandmother but the bin Laden family and the Saudi Royal Family and their minions were free to fly away.


And don’t forget that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis and three of them entered the United States on “expedited-visas” which required no photograph. A system that had been created by the Bush Administration to allow Saudis to enter and exit the U.S. with minimum inconvenience.


Now, add this: “U.S. military sources have given the FBI information that suggests five of the alleged hijackers of the planes that were used in Tuesday’s terror attacks received training at secure U.S. military installations in the 1990s.” (Newsweek)

Three at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla., another trained in strategy and tactics at the Air War College in Montgomery, Ala.,and the fifth man received language instruction at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Tex.. (Newsweek)


Oh gosh …… Tubularsock would be remiss if he didn’t remind you that in 2002, Congress investigated the September 11 attacks on the US and released an 800-page report detailing their findings. Remember?

President Bush, for reasons of NATIONAL SECURITY single-handedly censored 28 entire pages of the 800-page Congressional report.





In 2013, two members of the House of Representative, Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) and Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA)  both read the Bush-censored sections and their public response was that they were “absolutely shocked” by the amount of evidence implicating one of America’s strongest allies in the attack. And guess what country that happens to be in a document dealing with Saudi Arabia? 

There is a leaked CIA memo floating around showing that the US government has known all along that it was Saudi Arabia and not the Taliban, al Qaida, Afghanistan or Iraq that attacked America on September 11, 2001.

Of course. Why else would Bush have covered over this 28 pages?

But the real question NOW is why is Obama still not releasing it to the public?

As this bi-partisan team of Representatives concedes, they can’t even tell the American people what country it is “that betrayed us” and was actually behind the attacks on 9/11 without committing treason and going to prison.

But shouldn’t that be what Bush and Obama should be worried about? TREASON?


But far be it for Tubularsock to leave you with all this without letting you know that the Saudi’s are not alone in this world shattering event. There are other culprits as well.

And who you ask, are they?

Elementary, Dr Watson ……….. observation and deduction, observation and deduction.




Tubularsock can be found at his outstanding blog: Tubularsock “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news”. This work is part of the Mic check guest blogger series.

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Bill anything that moves

(Photo credit: Daquella manera)

(Photo credit: Daquella manera)

When morality comes up against profit, it is seldom that profit loses.”

― Shirley Chisholm

It’s shaping up to be a long, hot summer in the land of curdled milk and honey but air conditioners and ceiling fans aren’t the only thing humming along at full speed. In America, the gears of capitalism continue to keep worker’s noses to the neoliberal grind. Sam Walton and Jeff Bezos clearly have never met an inanimate object on the planet they couldn’t find a way to bar code, warehouse or commoditize. Meanwhile, the American healthcare system provides a focused snapshot of the shock and awe policies adopted by the corporate interests that have captured our public institutions. It was beyond shameful that our nation’s signature healthcare laws were underwritten by the for-profit insurance and private healthcare industries. The POTUS didn’t even make a pretense of advocating for a universal, single-payer healthcare system that ensures both affordability and access. Tiered health plans are like Kwanzaa in July for healthcare CEO’s who can now offer the illusion of affordability while continuing to deny access to the gold-plated healthcare plans enjoyed by the elite and their hired help. To add insults to injuries, many GOP-controlled states have refused to expand Medicaid programs, denying care to millions of vulnerable citizens. What we have been allotted are platinum, gold, silver and bronze health plans, an Olympian, hunger games of medicine. This is undoubtedly what Hippocrates had in mind when he said, “Primum non nocere”, which translated loosely means…“First, do no harm to the platinum plan patients, but it’s ok to do a little harm to the gold and silver plan patients and feel free to do a lot of harm to the bronze plan patients.”

Marching Across the 16th Street Viaduct in Sup...

(Photo credit: Light Brigading)

In the U.S., the wholesale privatization of public education marches on with relentless efficiency. New Orleans has seen it’s entire public school district dismantled and replaced by charter schools, whose teachers have no union representation, due process or collective bargaining agreements. In California, the courts have declared tenure and seniority to be “unconstitutional” citing Elite v. Non-Elites, 1776, which ruled classism, racism and elitism as constitutional as slipknots and mom’s apple pie. Public education is one of the few remaining bastions of union influence in the U.S. so it’s unsurprising that the corporate-capitalists have pressed so hard to undermine and scapegoat the teaching profession. A career venture-opportunist like Bill Gates has been only too happy to inject his familiar brand of take-no-prisoners reform that served him so well in building Microsoft into a monopoly corporation. Public schools have always been inextricably linked to the communities they serve. A constant turnover in less experienced teachers coupled with the exodus of veteran teachers will only further weaken the tenuous bonds in communities already reeling from the financial collapse. It is important for the public to realize that the princes of privatization aren’t looking merely to reform public education, they’re looking to crush it under their wing-tipped heels. It’s frightening to consider how many promising careers have  been snuffed out and how many students have had their confidence in education shattered beyond repair.

(Photo credit: KeizerStreetArt)

(Photo credit: KeizerStreetArt)

Privatizing the profits and socializing the losses has always been the mantra of the corporate class. Harvard taught them well that blondes and bankers do have more fun. So rather than view quality healthcare and accessible education as basic, minimum human rights in a modern, civilized society, we have been conditioned to believe we must earn this ever elusive American Dream™ with our blood, sweat and tears, The fact that our labors always benefit the elite the most is sheer coincidence, nothing more. If only we would pull ourselves up by our bootstraps just a little bit harder, then we, too, could have a 30-year adjustable rate mortgage, six-figure student loan debt and busted bronze healthcare plan. In capitalism, every person, place or thing under the sun has a price to be calibrated by the invisible pimp hand of the marketplace that conveniently ignores the inconvenient truth that technological innovations outpace the sustainability afforded by a planet with finite resources. The corporate and state controlled media outlets do their part to ensure that geopolitical and ideological bluster are never seen for what they are…naked grabs for the land, labor and resources required  to sustain the opulent lifestyles the elite have become accustomed to. The intoxicating elixir of power is a hard habit to break so, to keep their feathers plumed, the elite must increasingly rely on repression and the projection of dominance to maintain social order. Alas, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in the mecca of capitalism is that all bills eventually come due. It’s only a matter of time before it is the servant’s turn to collect on the master’s outstanding debts.

Peace and solidarity to all readers.

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“All crimes begin with a thought.”

Jeff Nguyen:

Vigilant Lens is one of the finest photographers and activists I’ve had the privilege to come across on the ‘net as well as a poet supreme. It was hard to pick just one post to share so here are three more of my faves:

Take Columbus Day® Off
War Privileged ‘R’ Us

Originally posted on The Vigilant Lens:

You can wash the Fukushima from your Co-opted salad greens,
but do not exceed your monthly ration of water.


View original

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The dark night rises

(Photo credit: Wasfi Akab)

(Photo credit: Wasfi Akab)

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”

 -Victor Hugo

For centuries, scholars, philosophers and laypersons from every religious persuasion have contemplated and wrestled with the question of heaven and hell. From Dante to Milton to Lewis, the milieus may change but the siren songs remain the same. While heaven may still be questionable, for citizens from Kiev to Baghdad to Tripoli, the existence of hell is no longer up for debate. The common thread in the narratives of the escalating body counts  for each of these countries is the involvement of U.S. and NATO forces in destabilizing political and societal status quos and introducing regime change to unsuspecting populaces. This is a redux of the 1970-1980’s era Latin America where right-wing “opposition” groups, trained by the U.S. Army’s School of the Americas, honed and perfected the signature instruments of torture and destabilization we see today. The past twelve plus years have seen more than a decade of unending wars which can be traced back to a singular event that took place on U.S. soil and gave the justification required to implement full spectrum dominance on the Muslim world from the Middle East to Africa and now Eastern Europe. When the world trade center towers fell in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001, so did the remaining vestiges of moral and military restraint that lent America any shred of diplomatic credibility on the international stage. The neofascist and Islamic radical forces funded by bankers and billionaires, such as Pierre Omidyar, have been willing and able to swing wide the gates of hell to further the agendas of the Western powers and global elite.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In more Groundhog Day from hell news, there were reports of alleged white phosphor0us bombing by Ukraine’s military in Slavyansk, reminiscent of the use of white phosphorous by the U.S. military in Fallujah and by Israeli military in Operation Cast Lead. In Syria and Iraq, the ascendance of ISIS, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, mirrors the rise of the Ultra Nationalist party, who have been alarmingly referred to as “the Nazis even Hitler was afraid of”, in Ukraine. Without a hint of irony, Western media has described ISIS as too radical even for al-Qaeda. According to independent reporters, “Leading Gulf and Western powers have unleashed forces that behead, slaughter minorities, do daily terrorist attacks, destroy cultural monuments and a host of other barbaric realities.” Meanwhile, this week, in separate interviews with National Public Puffpiece Radio (NPR), Hillary Clinton magnanimously termed the torture and humiliation of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib “unfortunate violations” and cagily framed the Libyan “intervention” as quid pro quo for NATO’s pledge of allegiance to the U.S. post-9/11. Since the brutal death of Gaddafi on the streets of Sirte, which H. Clinton crowed and cackled over, Libya has descended into violence and societal chaos. One must listen to these interviews to fully absorb the self-delusion and Cheshire Cat-like quality of American politics…”we’re all mad here.” As these seemingly random global events are viewed as interconnected and interrelated, the scope of the struggle comes into focus and it’s not a pretty picture.

(Photo credit: )

(Photo credit: Misserion)

Perhaps, the most nauseating aspect of this spectacle is having to listen to the captor-in-chief scold the Iraqi people for not doing more to pull themselves up by their shock-and-awed bootstraps, “But this should be also a wake-up call for the Iraqi government. There has to be a political component to this so that Sunni and Shia who care about building a functioning state that can bring about security and prosperity to all people inside of Iraq come together and work diligently against these extremists.” Here, we have a textbook example of the “blame the victim” mentality that is a hallmark of the captor-captive relationship between oppressor/colonizer and oppressed/colonized. Iraq was systematically dismantled and privatized by the U.S. and it’s coalition of the willing to make a profit off of the wholesale destruction of the country, yet it’s the Iraqi’s fault that “we have not seen the kind of trust and cooperation develop between moderate Sunni and Shia leaders inside of Iraq.” All while conveniently ignoring the fact that the U.S. has been funding and arming not-so-moderate leaders hell-bent on preventing this so called “trust and cooperation” from developing in the first place. Apparently, Bush’s banner aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln should have read “Mission (Would’ve Been) Accomplished (If It Weren’t For Those Lazy, Good-For-Nothing Iraqis)”. Heaven may be real but it sure seems like a hollow victory as long as our neighbors are being consigned to hell on earth. Kind of like donning a flight suit and proclaiming conquest from the deck of an aircraft carrier that’s thousands of miles away from the battlefield.

Peace and solidarity to all readers.

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Remembering Yuri Kochiyama: She moved mountains, quietly.

Jeff Nguyen:

Yuri Kochiyama’s influential life was undeniable proof that the struggle transcends color and creeds. May she rest in peace and in power. Seattle-based hip hop group, Blue Scholars, paid their respects to Yuri Kochiyama: http://youtu.be/fcDmvJ4pb5c

Originally posted on middle east revised:

Yuri Kochiyama was a human being. She believed in humans, not in nations, religions, races. She acted on that belief. She fought for the liberation of all people.

Born and raised in California, she was mostly sheltered during her childhood. It was one event that changed her life completely. Year was 1941, month December, the day when the Japanese empire bombed Pearl Harbor.

Yuri was twenty years old. Soon after the bombings, the FBI arrested her father, whom they considered a “suspect” who could threaten national security. While her father was in federal prison he was denied medical care, and by the time he was released on January 20, 1942, he had become too sick to speak. Her father died the day after his release.

Soon after the death of her father, the U.S. government ordered Yuri, her mother and brother to leave their home in San Pedro. They were “evacuated” to a converted horse stable at the Santa Anita Assembly Center for several months…

View original 840 more words

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Axes to grind

Turn down the lights, turn up the stereo and just for a moment let’s pretend there’s no such thing as disaster capitalism or neofascism. There is a time to face down tanks in the public square and a time to lick one’s wounds. When I retreat to my happy place it more often than not includes soulful music, a dependable refuge but also a rejuvenating elixir. The words of Bob Nesta Marley, as channelled through Ziggy Marley, his prodigiously talented son, serve to remind us that many have come before us in the struggle and many more will follow. I once read somewhere that iron sharpens iron so this post is dedicated to my fellow axes-in-arms who are knee deep in the neoliberal grind. May we continue to sharpen one another and keep on collectively serving notice to the powers that be hogging all the bottled oxygen in the room, “If you are the big tree, we are the small axe…sharpened to cut you down.” Chop chop.

Peace and solidarity to all readers.

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Jeffster Awards #29

(Photo credit: skulzstudios)

(Photo credit: skulzstudios)

This is the next installment of an ongoing series at Deconstructing Myths…the Jeffster Awards! This award will be given on an ongoing basis to five outstanding blog posts that caught my wandering eye. There are no strings attached or requirements for reciprocation. I don’t have time to comment on other blogs as much I’d like to so the least I can do is direct readers to some of these outstanding writers, poets, and visual artists. Please direct all feedback (likes, comments, follows) to the blogs themselves. I hope you enjoy these exemplary posts as much as I did. So, without further ado, here are the recipients of this week’s Jeffster Awards…hot off the (Word)presses.

Who Will Hold Me? at Speaking With A True Heart

Is Terrorism a Joke? at Still Bleeding Heart

Then They Came for the Juggalos at Internationalist Prison Books Collective

Twist at Broken Light: A Photography Collective

22/05/14: Singing for freedom at solidarity movement for free Palestine


Peace and solidarity to all readers.

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