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Back to school

As another long, hot summer draws to a close the sounds of school bells ringing and school buses bussing remind us that the nation’s public, private and charter schools are back in business and I do mean business.  No one … Continue reading

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Two pink slips are better than one

Mike Whitney at Counterpunch thinks Ben Bernanke needs a pink slip. I agree with this proposition but the pink slip that I have in mind is the one that Big Ben would have to wear for his cellie at Pelican … Continue reading

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Free at last…

There was a collective sigh of relief this week as the United States Justice Department announced that Goldman Sachs was a free man and that DNA (Damn Negligent Attorney aka Eric Holder) evidence had cleared Sachs of any wrongdoing. A … Continue reading

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The how is easy, it’s the why that matters

The Louisiana Department of Education  has stonewalled attempts to make public records involving the discussion process for how private and parochial schools were deemed eligible for vouchers, which are funded by tax dollars.  This is yet another insult to teachers, … Continue reading

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Show me the money

WHY $100,000 TEACHER SALARIES MAKE SENSE “Many American educators–myself included–often remind ourselves and others that we didn’t enter education for the money.  I certainly don’t teach to become wealthy, but as I see outstanding educator colleagues and friends leave the classroom … Continue reading

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This is what courage looks like

Activists from Sweden and Norway have set sail for the Gaza strip aboard the SV Estelle with the intention of challenging the Israeli naval blockade which has cut off aid supplies from reaching the occupied territories.  The group also hopes that other … Continue reading

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Sorry seems to be the hardest word

The Jewish Voice for Peace published an open letter to Romney asking him to apologize to the Palestinian people for, shall we say, uninformed statements he made during his recent trip to Israel.  Apparently, Romney attributed “cultural differences” rather than … Continue reading

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“Dying for Capitalism” revisited

Before your eyes glaze over at the thought of reading an article about economics, feel free to grab a chew toy to bite down on while considering the following…A recent article, Dying for Capitalism, by Brian McKenna and Hans Baer at Counterpunch reveals … Continue reading

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It’s still the economy…

I thought one of my first official posts would be fitting to come from a fellow Vietnamese blogger whose article Dire Train discusses the real world implications that pervasive unemployment and wage stagnation are having on the middle and lower … Continue reading

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