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It’s her story, too

“All I was doing was trying to get home from work.” Rosa Parks The year is 2012 and the human race has discovered the polio vaccine, transplanted the artificial heart and invented the Prius. We have built cities in deserts … Continue reading

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You want it to be one way

Security Guard: You think I dream of comin’ to work up in this shit on a Sunday mornin’. Tell all my friends what a good job I got. I’m workin’ to support a family man. Pretend I ain’t talking to … Continue reading

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Breaking news…

I interrupt this blogcast to bring you breaking news on the streets of Chicago. In a show of mass solidarity for the often overlooked social studies curriculum in our public schools, teachers have decided to model representative democracy for their … Continue reading

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My 725 cents

While some people in the global community known as Earth only have 2 cents to contribute to any given discussion, in the United States of America, we are fortunate to have at least 725 cents to throw into the discourse … Continue reading

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