Dreams (Photo credit: Andrew.Beebe)

Words can change the course
of a mighty river
and shape the contour
of an imposing canyon

Ideas can expand
a crowded space
and reason with the
blackest night

Voices can speak of things
that open the gates
and crawl to the edges
of the city streets

Dreams can fill up
our lungs and our chests
and get carried away
on the winds above

Tears can carve trenches
in the hardest of soils
and wash away the
stains of past discord.

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12 Responses to Perpetual

  1. beautiful poem. thanks for sharing, i just loved it.


  2. Jeff Nguyen says:

    Thank you, your blog’s poetry was really impressive to come across also.


  3. Thank you I reblogged the poem if you do not mind.


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  5. Thank you for the softening poem. Immediately takes one into the heart unafraid and peaceful. Thank you


  6. jodibuchan says:

    I like your tag line that suggests “one line at a time” is a path to awareness.


    • Jeff Nguyen says:

      Thank you. I worked for 10 years with adults with dev. disabilities in the community and six years as a special education teacher. Those experiences helped shaped my desire for social justice as is evident in your blog as well.


      • jodibuchan says:

        Footsteps… As a parent of a child with developmental disabilities, I am indebted to those who have gone before us and to people such as yourself who have helped people like my daughter. Thank you!


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