Escalier menant au deuxième étage du caserneme...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why is one life worth
more than another?
graves are dug cheaply
in the frozen earth

Who sets the prices
of silver and gold?
the borrower always
a slave and in chains

Why are some voices
heard above the rest?
telling stories to children
seated in a broken rocking chair

Who decides who stays
and who must go?
the border opens its arms for some
closes tight like a fist for another

When will the strain of liberation
rise above the buzz of the drone?
floating and dangling
on a melancholy steel breeze.

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6 Responses to Trivial

  1. midnighthues says:

    Loved it! Great thoughts Jeff!


  2. So lovely written and it´s thought that I think we all can agree with you…All people has the same valour but its stupid people that have created the hole stupid thing that someone valour more, but its not true…… We need a change is this world and like Michael Jackson singing “If we want a better placein this world we has to take a look in the mirror and start with ourselfs!!! ” 🙂


  3. EmaBeesArt says:

    awesome – addresses some important fundamental issues of humanity. I also really like your word choices and imagery.


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