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Gangster logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For too many long years, our nation’s youth have mistakenly looked up to either the Godfather or Scarface as the pinnacle of gangsterdom in the popular culture. But the one Don that boys and girls across the land should really be looking to as their role model for what a true gangster is like is none other than our own POTUS. A real gangster answers to no one and nobody and always makes sure his lieutenants are reading from the same playbook. A true gangster isn’t afraid to boldly go where no man has gone before. And a bona fide gangster isn’t afraid to slap a ho down when they step out of line. Our current POTUS has shown all of the endearing qualities we look for in a gangster and then some, for he has reminded us, his bitches also known as the American people that ultimately, our life is in his hands. NDAA and all it entails should be subtitled gangster government with you know who as gangster-in-chief. After all, this is how problems are handled in gangsterdom, the Don gives the order and someone gets whacked. These points and others were made clear as the mainstream media acted shocked to learn that the NDAA was real and not just “for pretend” and that the POTUS was not just large but in charge of who lives and who dies in the never ending War of Terror™. Its a power that no other POTUS has wielded, at least that they would openly admit to, and shows just how far along we are in America in surrendering our rights and freedoms to the coporatalist state.

NDAA 2013: Indefinite Detention Without Charge...

NDAA 2013: Indefinite Detention Without Charge Or Trial For American Citizens (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

This past week’s Senate confirmation hearings of John Brennan to become the new head of the CIA was like putting an ex-Goldman Sachs executive in charge of the Treasury Department. Or a former Wall Street lawyer in charge of the SEC. Who in their right mind would do such things? Brennan was one of the architects of the kill list/disposition matrix that the current administration has used to conduct extrajudicial killings around the globe that may and have included American citizens. Brennan was also a central figure in the torture and rendition policies of the Bush administration that were so widely decried by progressives. For any of those progressives still waiting for hope and change from the POTUS, this could be a final nail in that coffin of misguided dreams. Obama has granted himself the executive authority to murder people without answering to any domestic courts, human rights groups or Congressional committees. All because a piece of paper says he can, now that’s gangster. One line of the “leaked” DOJ white paper reads “Because America is at war, all that’s needed for a kill order to proceed is evidence that a targeted individual is “continually involved in planning terrorist attacks against the United States.” Can anyone remember a time when the U.S. was not at war? A copy of the DOJ white paper in leaflet form should be dropped from the sky in every country that is brown, black and/or Muslim. Or at least taped to the drone missiles like a subpoena, “You’ve been served, beyotch!” Arthur Silber reminds us that any “leaks” related to the policy of extrajudicial killings to the New York Times or mainstream media outlets are carefully orchestrated public relations affairs designed to test the limits of what the public will tolerate. So far, the ruling class has found the American people will put up with a whole lot as long as no one interrupts their daily intake of 11-inch Subway sandwiches or Honey Boo Boo reruns. Frederick Douglass summed it up pretty well, “Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them.”

Drone State?

Drone State? (Photo credit:

The targeting of American citizens is as American as apple pie. Although slaves were imported like Hondas from Africa, West Indies and the Caribbean, their children were born on American soil as were the Native Americans and First Nations people of North America. Didn’t even need classified memos back in those days, just a rifle or a noose. When we export murder and mayhem around the globe we can’t act surprised or shocked when those guns or drones are now pointed at us. Our partners in crime tore down tent cities in the West Bank erected in defiance of the ongoing settlement expansion taking place on Palestinian lands by Israel. Let me guess, the Israeli army was acting in self-defense. They should’ve just hired a couple of freelance drone operators to take out the tents. Reports of drone use by law enforcement agencies are popping up in nightly news reports such as the kidnapping event that recently took place in Alabama. Slowly, the public is being acclimated to drones flying in our spacious skies like frogs in boiling water. On an optimistic note, there are many fellow citizens I have encountered both in the blogosphere and in the “real” world that desire, even crave, peace and justice. The Bible had its prophets who stood on the walls to warn the people of impending doom. So too, have there been visionaries among us trying to sound the alarm for people to awaken, “So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.” 

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13 Responses to That’s gangster

  1. Editor says:

    You’re brave, Jeff. I’m going to reblog this and I hope we both don’t turn up on that List.


  2. Editor says:

    Reblogged this on currentsoftruth and commented:
    I couldn’t have said it better.


  3. Sherry says:

    Actually I agree with you mostly, yet I am still trapped in the meme that “at least he’s better than anything I’ve seen from the other side. That would be way worse.” Perhaps I quibble over an inch. sigh…


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  5. Hello.. Thank you for the ‘like’. It really is great to know truth.. dump the BS.. and learn honestly.. sounds simple but the human pride machine knows no bounds in ‘comfort zones’. Most are satisfied with what they think is easy.. there is never anything easy about life.. once the lie is seen it cannot be unlearned.. but the rewards from that view are without measure.. Peace Tony


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  7. Anonymous says:

    Spot on. Godfather and Scarface are no better role models than MC POTUS in da house. I blog from Switzerland. Our ruling elite speaks of neutrality, but we make grenades too. We’ll pimp anyone’s army, long as it’s discretely.
    Lowered taxes hard-core for resource-grabbers Glencore.
    And still a grand-masta of financial WMD.
    Goodfellas shows the awful working hours and dangers of regular gangstaz. Merkel, Ackermann, and the (pension!) funds they represent make common crack dealers look good!


  8. Angela Grant says:

    Hi Jeff, Nice post. …many nice posts. How would you go about change and stop this trajectory of the gangster / bully culture which is getting worse as we become more technologically advanced…albeit nuanced.


  9. Jeff Nguyen says:

    Good question, Angela. It seems to me that people will have to become much more uncomfortable with their situations before we see mass resistance. Only the people can bring change but it seems that enough are morally at ease with drone killings and war without end as long as it happens “over there” to “others”. Those in charge want to avoid another civil rights era and, especially, the movement starting to move again. I think bringing awareness is important but, ultimately, each person has to make a choice to follow their conscience. Bloggers and citizens like you give me hope that change is possible.


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