War without end

Memorial to American soldiers who have died in...

Memorial to American soldiers who have died in the Iraq War, at anti-war rally, Occidental Park, Seattle, Washington, 27 October 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the Christianest nation on the planet heads into the capstone of its yearly religious observances, Easter Sunday, I was wondering to myself, “Self, I wonder if the American military machine gets to take the holiest day of the Christian year off from bombing other, shall we say, non-Christians (Muslims).” Heck, Chick-Fil-A, an outwardly Christian company gives its employees Sundays off to rest, attend church and spend time with their families. Even the Man himself rested on the seventh day, of course he was not fighting hummus eating, jihadist/terrorist/infidels/insurgents constantly. And there was that amendment the NRA lobbied Congress for to add to the Bill of Rights…Thou shalt not killeth unless thou is right. As, the bobble heads in the bought and paid for corporate media act like a bunch of emos with angst when they debate the merits of the Iraq War on its tenth anniversary, more than one million Iraqi citizens are dead and their families are not going to find the stone rolled back and their loved ones eating with the disciples. How much disassociation and compartmentalization will it take to attend Easter services next Sunday while bombs and bullets are taking the life of others across the world on a continuing basis? Maybe we should let an actual Iraqi weigh in on the toll the war has taken on his country and fellow citizens.

Simple Sign Chicks Anti-War Protesters

Simple Sign Chicks Anti-War Protesters (Photo credit: Whiskeygonebad)

Perhaps, our Christian avowing POTUS will lift up his voice to lead us out of the wilderness of death and destruction that our country has wrought nonstop for the last decade, and a bit more covertly before that. It probably wasn’t a good sign, though, when Obama laughed at a protester during his visit to the Middle East this week. Obama espoused the usual rhetoric of “direct negotiations with Israel” and refused to call for the dismantling of illegal settlements on Palestinian lands. Well, I’m sure the indigenous people of North America can give the Palestinians a heads up on how the “direct negotiations with the United States and Canada” worked out for them. At least, here, we let them build casinos so they can  have more money for their booze and those really cool turquoise chokers, them being a population that “before European colonization…was relatively naïve to alcohol’s effects.” Obama added further insult to injury when a 25 year-old student activist asked a perfectly legitimate question, “Did you really come here for peace or to give Israel more weapons to kill and destroy the Palestinian people? Did you happen to see the apartheid wall on your way here?”  The POTUS’s response was to make fun of the student and paint him as a “heckler” for which he received a standing ovation from the attendees. Yeah, the Palestinian people probably shouldn’t wait too long hoping for the POTUS to bring change to their living conditions.


Boston-anti-war-protest01 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meanwhile, Good Friday will not be so good for everyone especially if you are a resident of the island nation of Cyprus. Here, the latest shot fired in the economic warfare being waged by the global ruling class on anything that moves made its effects known. The citizens learned that in order to qualify for a bailout from the Troika in Europe known as the EU/ECB/IMF, they would have to agree to a levy on their personal savings accounts. This is an unprecedented assault on the private property of a sovereign nations’s citizens and is sending waves of shock and awe around Europe where the Age of Austerity© is in full effect. All eyes in America should be on the unfolding events in Greece, Spain, Portugal and now Cyprus to see what is in store for us. Unfortunately, it might distract from waiting for the Kim/Kanye baby to drop or catching the latest episode of Duck Dynasty. In America, it is hard to get people to understand that you can wage war without firing a single shot. The bankers and billionaires declared war on the people a long time ago. The fiscal chasm between a typical CEO’s pay and a minimum wage worker’s is a disgrace for a nation that proclaims to be Christian, while having a hard time holding on to the truth that wage parity is a mythical facet of the American dream rather than a self-evident reality.

Rise Up - Fight Austerity

Rise Up – Fight Austerity (Photo credit: Teacher Dude’s BBQ)

This war without end, because its all one big never ending war in the end, against any nation that dares to stand up to the multinational corporations and the bankers who bankroll them like Chavez, Gaddafi and Ahmadinejad have done has produced a decade of unparalleled human misery and suffering. But, at least the stock market has reached record highs and corporations are turning profits again after that pesky 2008 housing meltdown and bank bailout handout. I guess next Friday will be good for some people but if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably not one of them. In America, the assault on teachers and shutting down of public schools continues while anything that isn’t nailed down is a potential source of profit for the princes of privatization. You would think a country that loves to proselytize their religion as much as America does would be just a little less capitalist not to mention a bit more peaceful. I am working on a more in-depth analysis of how and why Americans continue to love their captors no matter how much abuse they inflict. Until then, I’ll just get my best Sunday suit ready and thank God in my prayers that I’m not black, brown or Muslim while I continue to pray for war without end to, well, end…amen.

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23 Responses to War without end

  1. Rabi07 says:

    Well I guess then as a Muslim I should pray not to be one? hahah. I am a little confused why you use the word “infidel.” infidel is typically used, from its root word, to mean “non-believer/one without faith.” Of course, it is also the title of a powerful auto-biography by a Somalian Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali (I highly recommend the book). The word infidel is used in the 3 biggest monotheistic religions–Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In the old testament, the new testament, and the Qur’an infidels are referred to as people of other religions who do not believe in the information, followers, etc. I really hope you are being sightly sarcastic in your sentence “hummus eating terrorist/insurgent/infidels, etc.” If you really are for justice, than you would not refer to individuals, whether in Iraq or Palestine as terrorist, infidels, jihadist, or insurgents. As advocates we should know more about that area of the world before posting about its people, religion, and culture. The connotations of those words have a very negative impact and should be used sparingly, if possible.

    In middle eastern countries, if that is where you are referring to, Sunday is a workday. Prayer Friday, also known as “Jum’uah” in arabic (since you mention Iraq, I’ll use the arabic spelling), is the day of rest. Thursday is typically the weekend as well. So in Muslim countries, the workday actually begins on Saturday and “holy Sunday” means nothing to them.

    I for one, am happy everyday for my religion and what it has and will continue to teach me. Sometimes I do not feel comfortable attempting to explain to strangers the background of Islam and educate individuals on a religion they know nothing about. It can be frustrating, but also liberating to teach people how all religions are more like than similar, especially the 3 monotheistic religions I mentioned about.

    I would like a response back if possible.


    • Jeff Nguyen says:

      The link to you blog was a dead link so I’m not sure if I’m responding to a real person but here goes (sorry, I found it). I most certainly was deliberate in my use of the terms “fighting hummus eating, jihadist/terrorist/infidels/insurgents”. This is the language the dominant culture uses to demonize those who they intend to wage literal war against. Context is important when considering the spirit that a message is delivered in. If your willing to take the time to read more of my blog, I think (hope) you will find that I harbor no ill will towards anyone from the Middle East. Deconstructing language is an important part of separating myths from reality, especially in a country like the U.S. that is so heavily inundated with mixed messages from the corporate media and educational institutions.

      When making reference to holy days I am coming from an American perspective in which Sunday is typically considered the Sabbath day or “day of rest”. I do appreciate the context you provide on Muslim holy days. I have a deep respect for the Muslim religion and admit that I don’t know enough about it as I should. My intent in this post was to point out the hypocrisy of a Christian nation waging unending war against a mostly Muslim population while at the same time celebrating one of the most pivotal moments in their religious tradition.


  2. Where do I begin. Lots of insightful information in such a short piece. First of all, have you ever considered writing a book? You writing is impeccable and very easy to follow.

    “How much disassociation and compartmentalization will it take to attend Easter services next Sunday while bombs and bullets are taking the life of others across the world on a continuing basis?”

    Well that is an easy question to answer. Because pastors/priests/preachers do not spend the time to talk about issues dealing with war from the pulpit, their ‘flock’ find it easy to forget about such things when they step into a church. Reading the BIble, especially the New Testament, a lot can be found about how Christians should be socially conscious, not let money be their master, help the poor not just pray for them (prayer cannot clothe or feed the poor), etc.

    I did not know that Obama had such a negative reaction to that student activist. However, I cannot say I am surprised. Israel can do no wrong in the eyes of the United States and Canada. If you have read a bit about the Holocaust, especially the events leading up to the Final Solution, you will see many disturbing parallels between how the nazis treated Jews and non-Jews (such as Blacks, mentally ill, the poor, etc.) and how the Israeli government is treating the Palestinians. How anyone can support such disregard for the rights of the Palestinians is beyond me. Even those religious individuals who view Israel as the rightful place for Jews, I do not understand how they can turn a blind eye to the murder and disenfranchisement of the Palestinians. Whatever happened to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” I am a Christian so the actions and non action of Christians make me angry.

    I am currently reading “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn. It is a good book to get acquainted with the history of America and their relation to the working class, indigenous people, women and countries like Cuba that are not willing to label America as their savior.


    • Jeff Nguyen says:

      Thanks for the compliment. I have thought about writing a book, not sure how many people would read it though. I think we need more of our religious leaders to speak up and speak out against the unending wars. I’d be interested to hear your response to Zinn’s book, I’ve heard its pretty good.


      • jafrirabab9 says:

        I’m trying to think of a way to persuade you into writing a book, so here it goes. 1. Who wouldn’t read your book? Look at how many people read your blog! You have so many people that can support you along the way! 2. You have a talent and a unique perspective that needs to be publicized. You of all people should know how biased the media is. It will be more difficult because of the fact that publishers are also biased, but if you do write a book, it’ll be one of those books that changes the views of people that are blinded by what the media feeds them. 3. I would make everyone that I know read it, even if I have to read it to them. 4. Please seriously consider it, I wouldn’t tell you this if I didn’t think it would end up being my favorite book.


      • Jeff Nguyen says:

        Your comment means a lot to me. I have thought about writing a book and, in fact, my family and I are in the midst of considering some lifestyle changes that may make it possible. If and when I do write a book, I will definitely let you know. Thanks again for your support and kind words.


      • jafrirabab9 says:

        I look forward to reading it 🙂


  3. Editor says:

    Outstanding commentary on this holiest of weeks on the Christian calendar. The black humor made it a little easier to digest. Thank you for a truly brilliant and entertaining read. I would love to reblog it but I have just finished a year- long investigative report which I only just published today. I promised my family they could have me back so the lights are out on this blog. You may be interested in looking at my report. Who knows, perhaps I will start a new, more light-hearted blog down the road. Who am I kidding? What is there to laugh about these days?


  4. It’s all nothing more than the game of Monopoly writ large. It’s a fun game at the beginning, and exciting through the middle, but, it’s only as you near the end that you begin to see the whole point. The point is MONOPOLY! That is the ultimate end of capitalism and what every capitalist CEO is striving for. To have it all. To run competition into the ground. Now, when you notice that the corporations can now “purchase” the politicians and “control” the government… you know we are nearing the end of the game for most people.

    Read: “Denial of Death” by, Ernest Becker It’s a Pulitzer Prize winner for good reason.

    You will have zero understanding of ANY religion, or, its purpose if you don’t understand why religion is ubiquitous on this planet. You might also want to read “The Wings of Illusion” by, John F. Schumaker

    Believe it or not… everything you see going on in this world makes total sense “IF” you understand how the organism rapidly overpopulating it works. If you know what it means to be human… it is all too clear.

    Best Wishes
    Mrs. N.

    p.s…. If you can learn to embrace the absurdity of it all… it helps.


  5. Vassilis says:

    Another great post Jeff. I had always wondered how the love of freedom, the faith in God but also the faith in money can work together. Since I am not an American I can not understand if these things can co-exist in harmony, or these imbalances we witness as part of the foreign policy of USA are just the side effects of putting the money into the equation.


    • Jeff Nguyen says:

      Good questions, at present time it doesn’t look like the co-exist in harmony thing is working out so well. But the co-opting of Christianity has enabled the neolibs and neocons to justify their policy decisions or lack thereof both in domestic and foreign affairs. It looks like the church will need its own Occupy movement. If money is the root of all evil, maybe power is the succulent fruit it bears. I can imagine it must seem pretty bizarre to someone looking at the American fish bowl from the outside in.


  6. lens1 says:

    Appreciate the stop-by’s Jeff. Good stuff here as usual. Wish I had something positive to add to the discussion…but as you’ve been to the Lens a few times…well, you know.

    Thanks. Keep on writing.


  7. Thanks for liking my latest post, Jeff. Will keep looking in on yours to see what you’re throwing into the ring to talk about. You are obviously keen to get people thinking!
    Take care.


  8. takethestep says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog. My parents were americans who moved to Canada, so I have grown up with a canadian world view which is quite different from the usual fearful protectionist rhetoric I hear from my american relatives – whom I dearly love – but absolutely cannot agree with! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your “deconstructive” use of language by the way.


    • Jeff Nguyen says:

      My wife’s family is from Canada, somewhere in Ontario. I really liked your article “Barricades-Outta My Way”. I always am interested in hearing how people from other countries view America, I think we would be unpleasantly surprised.


  9. Michael K says:

    Thanks for reporting on the so-called Heckler. Nobel Peace Prize laureate, go figure.

    Financial WMD launched at Cyprus look to me like a fire drill. Who’d have thought a-bomb testing on atolls were the good old days? Headlines here, after Cyprus’s banks re-opened yesterday was “no bank-run, horray.” Total media distortion. The reason there was no run on banks is that they were only letting eight people in at a time, and even then, the maximum allowance was under 400$ each. We live in the silly-con age.

    Fact: Money is created by private banks through debt. When the loan is repaid, the money is destroyed, and the interest can never be repaid, because it simply does not exist!! But it doesn’t have to be this way. Even IMF is examining alternatives (Working Paper “Chicago Plan Revisited”). Check my blog or the main site it’s linked to for alternatives. My personal favourite is Wörgl-Style money, because it discourages hoarding. Though I also like the look of ccc, cute little caveman.

    Lotta heart, Jeff, like your stuff, love the pic of the fern, and hippie chicks never hurt 😉


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  12. skywanderer says:

    WOW, Jeff – this is simply ingenious! What a piece of perfection! – fascinating, empowering, enlightening and, despite the heaviness of the topic, captivating. Within one coherent framework all the relevant dots are connected, bringing together all the ultimate truths from several domains. The superbly placed witticism embedded in your insights adds an extra emphasis to the wisdoms you reveal. I can definitely second the former suggestion that you should write a book (or books). The depth and scope of your knowledge are breathtaking, you are a profound thinker – KNOWER – a proficient writer and an extraordinary human being. I am delighted to read in your former comment that you indeed consider writing a book.

    Although I confess to be a Christian – or exactly because I do – I have been an avid critic of the package-deal fallacies binding an assumed Christian doctrine to all sorts of de facto blatantly un-Christian merciless practices (in fact violating all the biblical commandments), like the mammon-worshipping capitalist exploitation, colonisation, war-making, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.
    Reminds me of a remark I have recently read in the social media: “Christians apparently believe that it is okay to kill anything and anyone as long as it is not a fetus.”

    You were absolutely right when pointed out the similar thought behind a recent post of mine and this article. We do think alike, which is also reflected in another entry I posted at the same time as you posted above, ie for the occasion of Easter this year, in which I was trying to show another biblical perspective of the same truth:


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