A war like people

It’s shaping up to be a long, hot summer. Deconstructing Myths will be taking a brief hiatus from its regularly scheduled (de)programming. I am currently traveling with my family in the Southwest and am doing my best to check in with my fellow bloggers. In the meantime, I’d like to leave you in the good hands of George Carlin, who always had a knack for giving it to us straight with no mixers. Here, Carlin riffs on the one thing that America has become exceptional at…that is bombing other countries into the stone age. In doing so, he lays bare the myth that Americans love to root for the underdog and are the champions of the oppressed. The reality is that many Americans enjoy the privileges that life affords them by having the biggest guns and baddest bombs on the global block. So, without further ado…

Peace and solidarity to all readers.

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14 Responses to A war like people

  1. The southwest; my favorite part of the planet. Enjoy and we’ll see you on the rebound.

    George Carlin was a prophet


  2. hjfoley says:

    Enjoy your holiday


  3. George Carlin had the rare gift of knowing how to tell the truth and having the courage to tell it.

    Enjoy your trip to the Southwest, Jeff. I’ve taken many trips there — there is nothing more peaceful than the desert.


  4. Happy and safe travels Jeff


  5. Howling Wolf says:

    Reblogged this on The Reluctant Kenyan and commented:
    The ugly Americans!


  6. Damn, I love George Carlin. He is like a comical Noam Chomsky.

    Enjoy your trip to the SW.


  7. George Carlin touched on timeless topics as a comedian. He was fearless and profound. Carlin’s shoes may never be filled as they were very large shoes. May we hope that men or women with the same fearlessness, not only in the world of comedy, come upon the world scene quickly and in very large numbers. George Carlin’s gift was his profound loyalty to truth and the spirit of his gift should be embraced by all people, everywhere on this Earth.
    Thank you,


  8. Steve says:

    George Carlin = the voice of reason in my opinion. I wish he was still here…
    Enjoy your trip.


  9. smilecalm says:

    no war, no bombs in my name!


  10. mytiturk says:

    Thank you for liking “My Trudeau Somg.” I have looked at your thoughtful blog and will return from time to time. Will check out Carlin when I get back to my laptop. I think he gets most things right on. These depressing days a. spoonful of sarcasm helps the bad news go down. Enjoy your travels.


  11. Vassilis says:

    Have a great vacation Jeff! I love George Carlin, have many of his records and was really sad when he died. The problem is that apart from bombing we also have the propaganda, that the mistake for getting bombed (or financial destroyed) is of the country that is being bombed…


  12. Jessica says:

    Safe travels to you. I hope you find some rest in this world that can leave one so weary…


  13. wolfess says:

    Have a great vacation Jeff! When I was very young my father was superintendent at Chaco Canyon National Monument, about 70 miles from Santa Fe. I have had 2 opportunities to return in the last few years and so much more of it has been excavated since we left when I was 5 . 🙂 I am utterly convinced that Chaco is the American version of Stonehenge, blessed be the Anasazi!


  14. Shainbird says:

    Sobering laughter, loved it! Pleasant journey Jeff 🙂


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