Mic check: skulzstudios


by skulzstudios

Simply put, one extreme is equal to an opposite extreme. The problem is, all the souls that are caught in the middle between extremes. Problematic if not deathly so.

peace and respect,
donzo of the guerrilla graffix
(Photo credit: )

(Photo credit: skulzstudios)


skulzstudios can be found typing away furiously at his blog…DONZO’S GUERRILLA GRAFFIX. This work is part of the Mic check guest blogger series.

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5 Responses to Mic check: skulzstudios

  1. tubularsock says:

    So to avoid this problem for oneself, pick an extreme. And if either extreme is equal then your ability to choose is made simple. Good luck.


  2. Jeff Nguyen says:

    Thank you, Skulz, for your graphic contribution to the mic check series and for challenging us all to ask the timeless question, “What the duck?”, when it comes to what passes for the national discourse. Now I need to start working on my beard…


  3. Now, that made me laugh – and I agree with you Jeff, I’d never even heard of the Duck until their stupidity made “news” – and that is the problem with what passes as “news” these days. And yes, Skulz your picture was indeed worth a thousand words.


  4. Uncle Tree says:

    LoL! Too true! Fanatics are all of one mind.


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