Thank a farm worker!

                           (photo credit: National Farm Worker Ministry)

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers continue to take their message to the streets and streets are listening…now this is what a real coalition of the willing looks like.

Grant Us Peace

Oh! My! Gosh!

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) just signed a Fair Food agreement with Wal-Mart!!!!!

Came home thoroughly exhausted & ready for bed at 6 pm, but not after reading my e-mail.  This news is better than a pot of coffee with a triple shot of espresso chasers for perking up this tired teacher!  We’ve been so focused on Publix & Wendy’s, who knew Wal-Mart was even on our radar?  Not me!  So, Publix, what excuse do you have now?  Wendy’s?  How ’bout you?  Why won’t you join the Fair Food Program?  Not only is it the fair & just thing to do; it now seems to be in vogue!

*** I still won’t shop at Wal-Mart, & I haven’t for the past 12 years, but good for them!  When big corporations acknowledge that people & the environment matter, that’s a step forward in our continuing struggle…

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14 Responses to OMG-CIW-OMG-CIW!!!!

  1. desilef says:

    This is wonderful news and so inspiring! Victories don’t happen overnight — but yes, OMG, they organized and organized and stuck with it and they did it!


  2. Vassilis says:

    I’m skeptic about it, although many miles away to know the truth first hand. When something is too good to be true…


    • Jeff Nguyen says:

      Hi Vassilis, In the case of Wal-mart your skepticism is warranted. The CIW are the real deal, though. Here is their site with info about the fair food program:

      This is a piece I did on the coalition awhile ago:


      • Vassilis says:

        Thank you Jeff! Remembered your article and found the other link informative. My main concern has to do with the attitude of the employers to accept something that is absolutely LOGICAL. Although I can’t deny that it is a good thing at face value, it creates a precedent for all logical things to go into re-consideration. I mean if the basic human decency has to be questioned and agreed upon every time, with struggle and pain, we are facing a new dark age. Unfortunately, it happens in Greece as well. And my doubts are because if they give you something, they surely expect something in return, even if it is not right away, even if it is seemingly unrelated. But I have to say I am pleased it happened. It is a great boost of morality for all the world.


      • Jeff Nguyen says:

        Your concerns are well founded, Vassilis. Management rarely makes concessions in one area without taking from another one. It is hard to believe we’re still having these discussions in 2014. It is also startling to me how few people in America know of how much and how long the people of Greece have suffered under austerity where they’ve tried to reset the clock back to the dark ages you referenced. My fear is that we’re just getting started here.


  3. I’m with Vassilis. I’ve boycotted Walmart long ago for their dubious and undermining practices to eliminate small, family owned business (it is said that every job Walmart creates, three are lost), and their steadfast refusal to end relations with gestation crate factory farms. A snake (so to speak), no matter the perception is always a snake.


    • Jeff Nguyen says:

      Hi Peter, The victory is not Wal-Mart’s, it’s the farmworkers in Immokalee. From these hard fought battles, a ripple effect may occur for other migrant labor groups. I have to give credit when it’s due to Wal-Mart, they at least gave an inch. I shared some resources on the CIW with Vassilis, in case you haven’t heard of them although I’m sure you have.


  4. Thank you for sharing and reminding us…the world! Ann


  5. lumar1298 says:

    Really good news for a change… Thanks for the post.


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