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The invisible pimp hand of the marketplace

Well, its Super Bowl weekend in the sweet land of liberty where our valiant leaders narrowly averted the fiscal cliff by taking the fiscal off ramp and where most everyone is living a little less large. Whether its due to … Continue reading

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Cloudy with a chance of (seared, fleshy) meatballs

“Where are the leaders of the land? Where are the swells who run this show?“ Enjolras (Les Miserables) I’ve had a nagging feeling this week that there is a topic that the American public should be better educated and informed … Continue reading

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Full court press

Because Americans love their sports analogies…the President came out like Rocky Balboa on Red Bull as he made a resounding comeback in the second debate, the latest poll shows Romney gaining ground as they go around the final turn at … Continue reading

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You want it to be one way

Security Guard: You think I dream of comin’ to work up in this shit on a Sunday mornin’. Tell all my friends what a good job I got. I’m workin’ to support a family man. Pretend I ain’t talking to … Continue reading

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My 725 cents

While some people in the global community known as Earth only have 2 cents to contribute to any given discussion, in the United States of America, we are fortunate to have at least 725 cents to throw into the discourse … Continue reading

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Two pink slips are better than one

Mike Whitney at Counterpunch thinks Ben Bernanke needs a pink slip. I agree with this proposition but the pink slip that I have in mind is the one that Big Ben would have to wear for his cellie at Pelican … Continue reading

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Free at last…

There was a collective sigh of relief this week as the United States Justice Department announced that Goldman Sachs was a free man and that DNA (Damn Negligent Attorney aka Eric Holder) evidence had cleared Sachs of any wrongdoing. A … Continue reading

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“Dying for Capitalism” revisited

Before your eyes glaze over at the thought of reading an article about economics, feel free to grab a chew toy to bite down on while considering the following…A recent article, Dying for Capitalism, by Brian McKenna and Hans Baer at Counterpunch reveals … Continue reading

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It’s still the economy…

I thought one of my first official posts would be fitting to come from a fellow Vietnamese blogger whose article Dire Train discusses the real world implications that pervasive unemployment and wage stagnation are having on the middle and lower … Continue reading

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