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A doggie dog world

“Poppin′ up, poppin′ down  Burrowing, making their funny little sounds  Guarding the ground and rooting all around  Watch your dry bones in the prairie dog town” by Bruce Hornsby My niece Patty’s collaborative research on prairie dogs was published recently … Continue reading

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Full court press

Because Americans love their sports analogies…the President came out like Rocky Balboa on Red Bull as he made a resounding comeback in the second debate, the latest poll shows Romney gaining ground as they go around the final turn at … Continue reading

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Breaking news…

I interrupt this blogcast to bring you breaking news on the streets of Chicago. In a show of mass solidarity for the often overlooked social studies curriculum in our public schools, teachers have decided to model representative democracy for their … Continue reading

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Back to school

As another long, hot summer draws to a close the sounds of school bells ringing and school buses bussing remind us that the nation’s public, private and charter schools are back in business and I do mean business.  No one … Continue reading

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