(Photo credit: Wikimedia)

(Photo credit: Wikimedia)

Go ahead and brew up a fresh pot of tea,

it’s going to be a long night…

The bluest collar

The age of austerity©

Occupy Main Street

Are you there God? It’s me, Jeff Nguyen

Genius take the wheel

…and the American way

Same as it ever was

Ebola is the new black

It’s just war

It ain’t Arawak day

Dear America,

A collective sigh

The crying games

Blurred lines

Bill anything that moves

The dark night rises

Welcome to the struggle

The state knows what you did last summer

The sequel and the damage done

The fog of whoa

The imperial city

A new day

My name is my name

Gatekeepers 2.0

Dear Wall Street

The long march of the universe

We must speak

The motor city pileup

Moving the chains

The big chill

War ain’t peace

Let them eat upside down cake

Dear Monsanto,

Yo, Grammy and Gramps, pay up!

The citizen who came in from the cold

Homeland insecurity

The world is still a stage

Monsters, Inc.

Manning down

The world is watching

A real horror show

A bug eat bug world

They walk the line

It just got real

A wider net

A sharp dressed man

A plain little thing (guest post)

A tipping point

A captive audience

The blessed doctrine of asymmetrical self-defense

By any other name

Deus ex machina

It’s harder not to

Caught in the hustle

A cup half full

Setting the captives free

War without end

Coalition of the willing

Free at last

The arc gets longer

A world in flames

We are all Palestinians

That’s gangster

The invisible pimp hand of the marketplace

Let my people read

It must be a struggle

Second verse, same as the first

The orphanage at the end of the universe (guest post)

The fighter still remains

The road more traveled

Love hurts

The fiscal chasm

When an irresistible ant meets an immovable grasshopper

Have you thanked your captors lately?

The giant and the boy who threw stones

Cloudy with a chance of (seared, fleshy) meatballs

Dear Mr. President

Full court press

Your world delivered

It’s her story, too

You want it to be one way

My 725 cents

Back to school

The how is easy, it’s the why that matters

This is what courage looks like

“Dying for Capitalism” revisited